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From fish food to world market leader: The history of Tetra

In early 1952, he successfully developed the first staple fish food in paste form: Biomin. This was patented, introduced to the market and became an overnight success.


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Fish food for aquarium fish: Tetra is an innovator in aquatics

Being the inventor of the world's first fish food flakes – TetraMin, Tetra has developed for decades by introducing thoughtful, innovative products that make fish keeping easier, safer and more interesting!

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Which aquarium should I choose?

Aquariums are offered in numerous sizes and shapes. Therefore, you will certainly find an aquarium that you like and that fits well into your home. However, an important aspect for the choice is that the creatures living in your aquarium feel completely happy.

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Technical equipment

If you have purchased an aquarium complete set, this automatically comes with all the equipment you need for your tank. If you do not have a complete set, read on to find out about the minimum equipment you need: a filter, heater and air pump.

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Water conditioning

Fish cannot survive without water. Tap water is the best type to use when filling an aquarium as drinking water is regularly checked. However, a water conditioner first needs to be used to remove added substances such as chlorine, which are required for clean drinking water but harmful to fish.

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How to select fish for a tropical aquarium

The huge range of ornamental fish available makes it far from easy to find the right species when you first start out.

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How to select fish for a goldfish aquarium

The goldfish is the world’s most popular ornamental fish. The ‘normal’ goldfish is easy to look after and happily lives in both aquariums and garden ponds. Certain bred and special types have particular requirements and can only be properly kept in an aquarium.

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The right diet for your aquarium inhabitants

After the aquarium inhabitants have moved into your home you have to feed them regularly. But which type of food is best for the animals in your aquarium?

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The various forms of fish food

Flakes, Crisps, Granules, Sticks, Tablets, Wafers, Natural foods, Gel food

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