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Home Aquatic Filters External filters Eheim Professionel 3e 700 2078010 - External filter for aquariums up to 700L without filler

Eheim Professionel 3e 700 2078010 - External filter for aquariums up to 700L without filler

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With the EHEIM professionel 3e you have everything under control – at the touch of a button or the click of a mouse.

Using only 3 buttons you have personal control over all the functions on the  professionel 3e such as water throughflow, variable flow rate and so on. The electronics remember your personal settings and make the required adjustments. Thus you have the benefit of permanent system monitoring. It is even easier from a PC. With EHEIM Interface and the EHEIM ControlCenter Software you can control, monitor and update everything even more easily. 

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Benefits of EHEIM professionel 3e electronic filter 
  • First class external filter with all the benefits of the professionel 3 range: high quality, strong performance, prefilter for long intervals between cleaning, exemplary energy efficiency, wonderful quiet running,convenience and much more. 
  • Also available as a thermofilter (professionel 3e 600T) 
  • Electronics with intelligent functions such as
    • output control: increases/reduces the water throughflow 
    • constant flow: maintains flow rate even with increased filter media   blocking
    • stream function: adjustable alternating water flow
    • service indicator: display of time till the next filter cleaning operation 
    • auto air out: removal of air pockets under the pumphead 
    • electronic error indicator: system monitoring and error correction    
  • Function display and indicator via LED display 
  • Electronic adjustment at the touch of a button or via PC