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Eheim External filter professionel 5e 350

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The EHEIM professionel 5e offers you unique intelligence and several functional advantages. The EHEIM professionel 5e is our best external filter to date, offering everything an aquarium enthusiast could wish for. Each function can be individually programmed and controlled wirelessly. The electronic system monitors all functions and keeps the flow constant as well as delivering strong performance due to the large filter volume. The clever design and the regulation of the electronic flow extend the maintenance intervals for the biological filter material considerably and, in addition, there is the acclaimed smooth EHEIM performance. The skilled workmanship, the high quality materials and the renowned "Made in Germany" reliability, combined with the 3 year warranty, leave nothing to be desired. There are four filter versions available, including a thermofilter (600T) with integrated heater, developed for aquariums ranging from 180 to 700 litres, In addition, the professionel 5e 350 offers two special advantages: It is fully equipped with filter media and you can extend the filter function (Xtender).
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